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What We Do

Our services are individualised, person centred and deliver valued life outcomes as we personally believe the right to live lives that are independent, meaningful and which enables people to reach their full potential. 

The aim is for people to use more natural support in their chosen life outcomes by using successful faded support techniques.


We match people who need support with those who can provide it via our Personal Assistants for Life’s Solutions (PAL’s) 

What do we do? 

  • We first meet to explain about our service and find out what a person’s would like to achieve. If we cannot help this time we will sign post to another service.
  • We then carry out a full profile of each person, covering their abilities, skills, interests and 'better off calculations' to enable us to provide the right support.
  • Next we begin to find the right opportunity matching the person’s profile and undertake a detailed task and venue analysis to provide us with the information to best support the person successfully.
  • When we have the right opportunity we support the person following our very successful faded support techniques.

How does this work?


  • Our PAL’s (Personal Assistants for Life’s Solutions) follow national standards of supported employment, supporting the person in their opportunity providing on going support until such a time that the organisation, person and support are happy that the requirements are being met. 
  • We also provide after care advice and support to the organisation, family and person as required. 

For the person, they can access – 

  • A fully supported service that offers good matching and professional advice.
  • Access to employers, fitness centres and the community.
  • A different approach to securing and maintaining good independent life outcomes. 

Our Partners

What does this mean for an organisation? 

  • A free and supported service on site that offers accurate matching and professional advice.
  • On call service.
  • A positive step towards promoting equal opportunities within your company.
  • Access to a conscientious work force – research shows that people with a learning disability take less time off work and are likely to stay with one employer for a long period of time.
  • Staff development opportunities, by raising awareness of people with learning disabilities and national recognised support techniques with training offered free.
  • A different approach to recruitment.
  • Positive corporate image.

How do people access this?

By contacting us directly we can work with funding services taking the uncertainty out of paying for our services. The support can be purchased by self funding, personal budgets or via other funding sources.