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Employers - How we can help you

Mi.life Limited helps employers, people with a learning disability and aspergers with support solutions they need to recruit and retain talented and motivated people.


Our aim is for people to use more natural support in employment by using successful faded support techniques delivered by our Personal Assistants for Life Solution’s (PAL’s)




We meet and carry out vocational profiles on all the people we work for and put in place the best method of support via specific job trails or through our supported internship programme.




Whether an employee is disabled or becomes disabled while at work we can support you and them to keep their job or to take on a new role. Some may need ‘reasonable adjustment’ to the support they get to do the job. This can be physical adaptations or specific job coach support via our PAL’s for people who learn in a different way or pace.


What does this mean for you, the employer?


  • A free and supported service on site to you and the employee.
  • Offering accurate job matching and on the job support.
  • On call service.
  • Access to a conscientious work force – research shows that people with a learning disability take less time off work and are likely to stay with one employer for a long period of time.
  • Staff development opportunities, by raising awareness of people with learning disabilities and national recognised support technique training offered free.
  • A different approach to recruitment.
  • Support with staff retention, reviewing the person, their role and working environment before providing you with an impartial report and advice on further support.
  • A positive step towards promoting equal opportunities within your company.
  • Positive Corporate image.