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How much could a person with a severe learning disability learn? The truth is we don’t know if we don’t try. 

Less than 5% of people with a learning disability enter employment from school. The majority go on to further education but less than 5% move into employment.


Most have the aspiration of a paid job but many of their individual vocational skills are not explored or recorded, their talents not utilized and they are not sure what job they would like.

Working with organisations, Mi. Life, can offer an employability programme which gives people the real experience of work, discover those talents and increase those entering paid employment from education.

How do we do this?

We follow our experience and researched best practice in offering a flexible programme of:


Discovery of Employment – people with learning disabilities learn tasks and skills more effectively in the environment they will be expected to perform them in. Mi.Life's programme is to discover an individuals skills in real work settings by 

a. Sheltered community enterprises - Establishing a real business environment with roles and tasks associated with the business. These roles and tasks are set up by structured training processes and adjusted to meet individual needs. Starting with young people from year 9.

b. Real work opportunties - of work experience, paid work at weekends or holiday work and for some, developing those hidden talents into self-employment opportunities.

 c. ‘I want to be …..' Supported Internship - Where people spend four days a week for a year in a real employment setting. The other day is spent on increasing their academic skills. For those with entrepreneurial skills their final year is further developing their business idea.

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Travel Training - One of the biggest barriers to employment and access to other opportunities is the ability to travel independently. Mi.Life explores 3 stages to independent travel training, starting with pedestrian awareness then safe travel and finally independent travel.