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About Us

We are a high quality provider of support to people who have a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from those who need short term support to gain independence to people who require intensive support to enjoy good quality life outcomes.


With a postgraduate diploma in supported employment, our Managing Director, Andrew Billings, has over 20 years of experience and training in private and public business, working for people with a learning disability and aspergers.  He began working in supported employment for people with a learning disability in 1991. From a carer led local authority funded project in Leicestershire, he moved into Nottinghamshire working for Mencap Royal Society, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council. From 2011 he led the employability focus for Special Educational Needs Schools in Nottinghamshire to founder of his own business in March 2012.

mi.life is a high quality provider of support to people who have a wide spectrum of needs

From job coaching to strategic lead he has improved the life outcomes for many people he has worked for, helping people to secure paid work in open employment and self- employment, establishing services, exceeding local government targets, contributing to national standards, involved in value based training of staff and others.

Some of his career highlights include:


  • Established and managed six services across voluntary, NHS, social care and SEN schools.
  • Supported Adults and Young People in to paid employment following National Standards of Supported Employment.
  • Supported Adults and Young People to travel independently following Structured Training approaches, TITAN and New Horizon programmes.
  • Supported Organisations, adults and young people into Social Businesses.
  • Trained and Coached Staff and families in support techniques including Job Coaching and travel training.
  • Secured and managed funding from £30,000 to £750,000.
  • Established and Led Strategies for Employment at National and local levels.
  • Developed, led and project managed employability programmes within SEN Schools increasing job outcomes.
  • Establish and Manage Project Search/Supported Internship programmes.
  • Developed, led and project managed projects on the 0 - 25 SEN transformation programmes.
  • Advisory group member with Dept of Health, DWP, Education, Office for Disability Issues, Valuing People, Valuing Employment Now, Aspirations, Getting a Life, Preparation for Adulthood and Peer Support Initiatives.
  • Work featured on the BBC 'The One Show', Preparation for Adulthood, Department of Health and with Department of Work & Pensions.


Our PALS (Personal Assistants for Life’s Solutions)


A blend of highly trained and experiences professionals who have experience in social care, NHS, voluntary and private sector services supporting people to travel, secure employment and access more of their community.


All of our support staff are:


CRB and referenced checked.

Selected, trained, regulated and evaluated by us.

Trained to national and company standards and experienced in supporting disabled people.

Mi.Life Limited is a member of the British Association of Supported Employment (BASE)